celestial ballroom


Petra Ronner, Claudia Rüegg (on piano)

Year: 2005
Format: Double CD (minutes); with booklet (Petra Ronner and Claudia Rüegg in conversation with Corinne Holtz)
Language: German
ISBN: 3-909090-34-6
Price: CHF 40.00

Petra Ronner and Claudia Rüegg on piano:
CD 1
John Cage
Three Dances for two prepared pianos 1944/45

CD 2
George Crumb Celestial Mechanics 1979
Ulrich Gasser Vier Paprikafrüchte 1974
Maurice Ravel La Valse 1920
Lois Vierk Spin 2 for two pianos 1994