Year: 2017
Format: Publication; 178 pages, 21 × 29.7 cm, hardcover, Swiss brochure
Text: The book contains interviews with the artists conducted by Anita Albus, Roger Kuhn and Peter Steltenpohl as well as an e-mail dialogue between the artists
Language: German, English
Design: Jacqueline Baum and Ursula Jakob in collaboration with Binnenland (Mika Mischler and Nik Thönen)
ISBN: 978-3-909090-89-1
Price: CHF 48.00

The artist book Blumenlese (Anthology) emerged from the project Connected in Isolation which was conducted over the last four years. The picture material was partly used in its original size. The folding of the printed sheets and the print’s four basic colours fragments the depicted flowers. This is reflected in the three interviews and their different perspectives on the composition, representation and production of flowers. The juxtaposition and superimposition of image and text fragments causes de- and re-contextualisations to become visible.

Jacqueline Baum (*1966) and Ursula Jakob (*1955) live in Biel and Burgdorf and have been working on multimedia projects since as a collective 2009. Their work often takes a documentary approach, which allows a multi-perspective and multi-voiced view to emerge via montage. This approach makes it possible to experience different levels of meaning. It focused on shifting realities, whether in a political and social or personal context of identity.