Bernhard Huwiler. hinundher – rundherum


Bernhard Huwiler

Year: 2022
Editor: KABH – Kunst Archiv Bernhard Huwiler und Vexer Verlag
Format: Publication; 134 pages, 16.9 × 21.6 cm, softcover with punching, swiss brochure
Text: Bernhard Bischoff, Marina Porobić, Nika Spalinger, Konrad Tobler, Julie von Wegen
Language: German
Drawing: Gregor Gilg
Design: Barbara Schrag
ISBN: 978-3-907112-62-5
Price: CHF 30.00

"I illuminate the ordinary while searching for something universal. I ask about the inside and outside, about coming and going, about eternal repetition and ultimately, about triviality and meaningfulness in an often overstimulated world.

In the confrontation of artistic interventions and everyday life - my main theme - comic situations arise, which are ideally suited for a narrative strand. I want my performances to form the foundation for a graphic novel."

Bernhard Huwiler, 2019