Jochem Hendricks

Editor: Josef Felix Müller
Year: 1993
Format: Publication; 96 pages, thread stitching, 25 × 18,5 cm, laminated hardcover, thread stitching
Edition: 1/300–300/300, numbered and signed
Text: Jochem Hendricks in conversation with Dorothea Strauss and Rolf Abraham
Language: German
ISBN: 3-909090-14-1
Price: CHF 65.00

For the series of eye drawings, Jochem Hendricks wore a special helmet equipped with two infrared beams, which in turn were coupled with small video cameras. The infrared rays tracked the movements of the left and right eye as a reflex on the cornea during reading, writing, looking at a bill and account balance, looking in the mirror. The movements of the two eyes were recorded separately by the video cameras, then digitised and converted into line drawings.

Augenzeichnungen (Eye Drawings) was published in 1993 to coincide with the exhibition Zeichnung at the Kunsthalle St. Gallen in collaboration with the then curator Josef Felix Müller.