Art in Safe


Ian Anüll

Year: 1989
Format: Publication; 24 pages, 20.8 × 14.8 cm, booklet, staples
Text: Ian Anüll
Language: French
ISBN: 3-909090-05-2
Price: CHF 15.00

In 1989 Ian Anüll organised an exhibition in eight bank safes in Geneva with works by Joseph Beuys, Guillaume Bijl, Daniel Buren, Les Levine, Hermann Nitsch, Dennis Oppenheim, Meret Oppenheim and Franz Erhard Walther. The Banque Hypothécaire du Canton de Genève was willing to make its safe deposit boxes available for this artistic work. The works by the artists were stashed in suitcases and the keys to the safes were located in the exhibition space RUINE, run by the artists Tamasch (André l'Huillier and Tamas St. Auby). Whoever wanted to see the works had to pick up the keys at the RUINE.
The publication documents this ironic commentary on today's art market.