Amerikanische Musik Deutsche Fassung


Bruno Steiger

Year: 2009
Format: Audio book, CD (60 minutes) with booklet
Author: Bruno Steiger
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-909090-39-6
Price: CHF 37.00

In the beginning, there was a title: Amerikanische Musik Deutsche Fassung (American Music German Text) was intended as the programmatic heading for a cycle of texts, in which Bruno Steiger would put his experience of dealing with linguistic material to the test. 51 texts were created based on the names of 51 American serious musicians. Some went through several stages of revision; this recording is based on the integral first version of 2002.

The project was planned from the beginning as a collaboration between Bruno Steiger and the artist Rolf Winnewisser. His ‘instrumentation’, which is documented in the booklet, was created in parallel with Steiger's text work. In 2009, Rolf Winnewisser created another instrument for a special edition of this edition.