20 Wasserungen eines Kajaks im roschtige Hund, Aarau


Roman Signer

Editor: Carlo Mettauer, Peter Zimmermann
Year: 2020
Format: Publication; 60 pages, 24 × 17 cm, thread stitching, brochure
Text: Carlo Mettauer, Rachel Withers
Language: German
Design: Peter Zimmermann
ISBN: 978-3-907112-28-1
Price: CHF 25.00

Roman Signer's kayak has hit the water in the Swiss town of Aarau every May since 1999. For this occasion, the town brook is shut off from the transverse ditch wall in the afternoon. The caretaker fetches the kayak from the attic of the Landjägerwachthaus (old gendarme’s guardhouse) and places it in the water channel attached to a steel cable. Carlo Mettauer then gives a festive speech as representative of the local citizens. After a piece of music is played, an employee of the local citizens signals to the work yard representative, who opens a slide valve above the gutter. After a time, the water pours into the channel with a strong jet and makes the kayak dance on the spray.

This publication documents the 20 invitation cards and posters that have been produced for this work in recent years. A publication about a long-term artistic idea, adventurous actions and a sense of community.