2 Brillen


Fritz Balthaus

Year: 2021
Format: Edition; two photographs: each 21 × 29.7 cm, one photograph framed, one in a clip-on frame
Edition: 1/5–5/5, 2 E.A. numbered and signed on the certificate

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The edition displays two pairs of glasses with opposing "world views": glasses frame, no glasses frame and picture frame, no picture frame. These opposing strategies exist with the greatest possible difference in the case the framed picture and the frameless picture holder. Glasses can be seen through, but when they are looked at, they take the eye into the eye and exclude the rest – just as the picture frame separates the framed picture from the framed world. Frameless glasses tend to disappear as glasses themselves – eye and face become one, just as the frameless image holder wants to abolish the boundary between image and world as far as possible and desires for the world to be a whole without thresholds. Neither of these glasses, however, can hide the fact that the notorious boundaries of our multiple environmental systems are merely shifted, in that gallery spaces, museums and art itself have become invisible glasses. (Anibas D’Legne Liez)

On request