100 things stolen by my father


Joëlle Lehmann

Editor: Helen Koriath
Year: 2014
Format: Publication; 100 pages, 19.4 × 13.5 cm, softcover, Swiss brochure
Text: Joëlle Lehmann
Language: German, English
Design: Kaspar Kobel
ISBN: 978-3-909090-63-1
Price: CHF 23.00

Joëlle Lehmann blurs the lines between life and art. Her approach is a personal one: 100 things stolen by her father – found and kept by his daughter.

She tries to explain her father's unconventional behaviour and finds his actions reflected in art. Stealing is not the only questioning and response strategy that is reminiscent of action art. Again and again, the father provokes fellow citizens with unusual behaviour patterns, which combine artistic techniques with everyday life. And like Happening, Environment or Fluxus, these actions break the monotony of the social norm, but can only be reflected upon in an institutional framework.
Joëlle Lehmann refrains from documenting the stolen things in the form of photographs and uses black rectangles as placeholders, which are given titles, leaving plenty of room for the imagination.