Buchpremiere mit Gabriela Gerber und Lukas Bardill


Book Launch with Gabriela Gerber and Lukas Bardill

[bilder][bild-klein][/bild-klein][bild-klein]To a mouse [/bild-klein][/bilder]

19 pm

Engadinstrasse 43
7000 Chur

The publication To a Mouse is based on twelve animated films produced by Gabriela Gerber and Lukas Bardill between 2011 and 2022. The motifs emanate from the artist couple’s pre-alpine and rural environment and address the relationship between people and landscape, or people and nature. Consistently depicted in black and white, we see a badger, a farmer scything, numerous mice. The sequence or images create movement: someone shoots a photo, a train derails, a deer runs past a meadow. By transposing them into a new medium, peripheral occurrences move into the focus of perception and can be experienced as such.