Book premiere

[bilder][bild-klein][/bild-klein][bild-gross]Buchpremiere - Dirk Reimes[/bild-gross][/bilder]

7 pm

Reinsburgstr. 93
70197 Stuttgart

sous un ciel partagé entre nuages et éclaircies is the result of a year of research in Brussels and combines autobiography with fiction, everyday experiences with collected contemporary testimonies. In photographs found at flea markets and a text that imagines encounters with some of the people depicted, past and present meet and tell of the fleeting nature of life and our futile attempts to hold on to time. The resulting book and a limited edition of twelve original photographs in handmade frames will be presented.

In the artist talk with Ania Corcilius, Ann-Kathrin Müller, Ivan Zozulya and Dirk Reimes, we also look forward to a lively discussion of the book's themes and aspects from the various perspectives of the individual artistic practices.