Exhibition Autotomy David Edward Allen


Exhibition Autotomy David Edward Allen


Ausstellung David Edward Allen


Exhibition opening 28. June, 6 – 9 pm

Vexer Verlag Berlin Office
Gneisenaustrasse 54
10961 Berlin

We are opening an exhibition of paintings by David Edward Allen at the Vexer Verlag office in Berlin, which will be on view during the summer months. We look forward to seeing you there!

Were there to be a genre called Nature Painting, it could very well be the one to which David Edward Allen—whose latest series of paintings—would belong. Allen, however, is concerned less with depicting the landscape and more with the relationship between nature and humanity. In covering the landscape with darkness and turning it into something threatening and vital, he reverses the traditional painterly gesture of inhibiting and thus controlling nature. The nature depicted becomes restive. As do his images, which challenge the viewer by oscillating between abstraction and figuration and by way of the diffuse energy they emit. They seek to be both looked at up-close and viewed from afar.